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FT社评 人工智能需要理性监管

2024-04-17 07:24 已有人浏览
本文摘要:The disruptive impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, law enforcement or healthcare could be enormous. 人工智能有可能给职业、执法人员或医疗带给极大的颠覆性影响。


The disruptive impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, law enforcement or healthcare could be enormous. 人工智能有可能给职业、执法人员或医疗带给极大的颠覆性影响。It raises concerns among politicians, regulators and society that the technology industry needs to address intelligently and flexibly. 这早已引起了政界人士、监管者及社会的忧虑,科技行业必须灵活性精妙地解决问题这些忧虑。

Too often, however, the industry sees these intrusions as a threat to be brushed aside. 然而,更加少见的情况是,科技行业将这些介入视作威胁而置之不理。It should not.这是不应当的。US technology groups, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM, have set up a non-profit body to work out how society could harness intelligent machines to its benefit, while keeping the risks in check.谷歌(Google)、Facebook、微软公司(Microsoft)、亚马逊(Amazon)及IBM五大美国科技集团正式成立了一家非盈利机构,以解决问题社会如何利用智能机器的益处、同时又维持风险高效率的问题。

Grandly titled as the Partnership on artificial intelligence to benefit people and society, it promises to conduct research into questions that surround artificial intelligence, such as ethics, and develop ways to make the technology more understandable.被冠上人工智能造福人类和社会合作的组织(Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society)之名,该机构允诺对环绕人工智能的问题展开研究,例如道德伦理以及找寻方法让技术更加更容易被解读。One does not have to be a believer in some dystopian future to recognise the benefits of such research. 就算你不是反乌托邦主义者也不会认识到此类研究的益处。

The landscape is dotted with signs of what happens when clever algorithms are left to their own devices, from the self-driving Tesla car that crashed to Microsoft’s out-of-control chatbot on Twitter.我们早已多次看见当人们让聪慧的算法自己操纵设备时会再次发生什么——从特斯拉(Tesla)自动驾驶汽车撞,到微软公司聊天机器人在Twitter上失控。A recent study found that 60 per cent of those surveyed think that intelligent machines would lead to fewer jobs within a decade.最近的一项研究找到,60%的受访者指出,智能机器将在10年内造成工作岗位增加。The industry is fast overcoming the technical obstacles around artificial intelligence. 科技业正在很快解决人工智能领域的技术障碍。Technology experts in a report argued that our lives will soon be shaped by machine-learning algorithms. 技术专家们在一份报告中称之为,不久以后,我们的生活将被机器学习算法所转变。


Rather than superhuman robots, we should expect more precise health diagnostics and predictive regulating. 我们应当期望的是更加精准的医疗临床和预测性监管,而非超人机器人。These changes can have profound positive impacts, experts say, but can also lead to disruptions in how human labour is augmented or replaced. 专家回应,这些变化有可能将带给深远影响、大力的影响,但也有可能造成人类劳动力取得补足或被代替的方式经常出现恐慌。

The pace of new developments and their direction therefore highlight the urgency to respond to public concerns.因此,人工智能新进展的速度和方向突显了对此公众忧虑的紧迫性。What is less clear is that the right entity to regulate the direction of development is an industry body. 不过于确认的一点是,一个行业的组织是否是监管人工智能发展方向的适合实体。True, tech companies have a deep understanding of the scope of artificial intelligence and its pace. 到底,科技公司对人工智能的发展空间及速度有更加了解的解读。

But it would be naive to think that those with a direct stake in the technology can be immune from commercial interests or from the gung-ho enthusiasm of their research teams.但指出那些与这一技术有必要利害关系的公司需要不不受商业利益或研究团队的疯狂影响的点子也是天知道。The tech industry likes to regard itself as the future, with governments and rival industries mired in the past. 科技业讨厌把自身视为未来,而政府和输掉行业代表着顽固。They are, with justification, worried that misinformed regulation would slow down investment in start-ups that focus on artificial intelligence.他们有理由担忧,错误的监管将妨碍对人工智能初创企业的投资。

But turning their back on policymakers is not an option. 但对政策制定者不理不睬并不是一种自由选择。Clearly, public opinion demands external oversight of new developments. 似乎,公众舆论拒绝对这些新进展展开外部监督。In its absence, an industry-led regulator would only fuel a perception that tech titans are devising the rules that would suit their own interests.在缺少外部监督的情况下,行业联合的监管机构只不会让人们更为坚信,科技巨头们正在制订合乎自身利益的规则。


There are examples of groups that have successfully bridged the divide between those in technology and government. 早已有一些的组织顺利调和了科技公司与政府之间分歧的例子。The UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for instance has dealt with the ethical dilemmas raised by an emerging technology. 例如,英国的人类生育和胚胎学管理局(Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority)负责管理处置涉及新兴技术带给的道德困境。

What artificial intelligence needs is a similar but independent public-private partnership that could not only address concerns but also allow policymakers to start preparing for the future.人工智能领域必须的是一个类似于但独立国家的公私合作的组织,这样不仅可以消弭忧虑,还可以让政策制定者开始为未来作好打算。Artificial intelligence opens up immense possibilities. 人工智能打开了无限的可能性。If we want to share the benefits the technology brings to society, it is too important for politicians to hold it back. 如果我们要共享这项技术给社会带给的益处,由政治家来对它加以控制十分最重要。

The tech industry has a critical role to play but, for it to be effective, it should work with government rather than against it.科技业可以充分发挥关键作用,但要接到实质,行业应当与政府合作,而非对付。